If you missed a Health and Human Services Collabortive Quarterly Meeting you can find recording on this page.

December 3, 2021 Meeting

How to Make the Most of Virtual Meetings and Celebrating Our Successes

David Ray, Chief Strategy Officer, Ethos Leadership Group, LLC.  David will discuss how to hold meetings that are more engaging, how to address people who disengage, and how to combat Zoom meeting fatigue, and more.

It has been a tough two years. In spite of technical challenges, working from home, social distancing, Zoom, phone tag, emails, changing contact rules and our own compassion fatigue we as a collaborative community have had many successes. Let’s share the power of hope. The power of a story.

Click on meeting link and enter the pass code below. https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/cPUtslvyQDrJaWg8DXB4516rt-7DGRIpAol2fsc_rYsDR1_Pl6e4bgSmGyvjEIuf.KVxmtMnI57g5XP2v   Passcode: @QSJ7.O%